A series of mysterious explosions erupt all over the world, setting off a chain of natural disasters. Cities are evacuated as monsters claim the burning streets. We begin our story in the Los Angeles Basin, and watch it mutate and degrade into something obscene.

A 1-hour science-fiction/thriller series that explores vast opinions and uncompromising themes, such as religion, politics, and social constructs. Think THE WALKING DEAD meets HEROES.

Barbarianism under the guise of sophistication.

This story differs from many apocalyptic dramas by not only giving you the origin, but an inside look from multiple perspectives on a unique take on the End of Times.

Whether it was a natural disaster, a nuclear experiment gone wrong, or God’s wrath, there’s plenty of controversy.

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Most of ANATHEMA (or the hostile, unpoliced wastelands left by the nuclear explosions, fallout, and quakes,) is crawling with dangers.

Continuous underground fires rage worldwide following the gas-leak style explosion of massive pockets of natural Uranium, leaving the Earth plates immensely unstable. Quakes and tsunamis plague the coastline, and the erratic magnetic field leaves Earth unshielded from solar flares.

In ANATHEMA, the struggle to survive a nuclear apocalypse surpasses meeting basic needs when people attempt to rebuild society for a sense of familiarity, and security.





You can [click HERE to] download this screenplay via Script Revolution.