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Alyssa shadows 2015

I’m the product of a pair of CA police/detectives, so the uglier side of society has been in my peripherals for as long as I can remember. As a child, while my mom cleaned her service weapon at the coffee table in front of the news, I would sneak into her case files. I pored over gruesome crime scene photos, and her investigation notes played out as horror/mystery films in my mind. It was thrilling, and horrifying, and— Eventually, it was routine.

It was drilled into my head early on that good always defeats evil, but in my unique position behind the scenes, I soon picked up on the blurred line between “good” and “evil.” That line is my obsession, I’m driven to explore it— Now, I write to understand the monsters. I dissect them, I become them, I fall in love with them, and I destroy them, one story at a time.

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