RESTLESS DREAMS (an adaptation on spec)

I’ve wanted to write this adaptation since I was 16 years old, when I first came across Konami’s Silent Hill 2.

In the quiet moments, between deftly dodging the acid spray of the writhing Lying Figures, and frantic bludgeoning/button mashing, I would pause the game to take notes of the use of “lighting,” and diegetic sound that set the story tone. I have notebooks full of character and act breakdowns, analyses of multiple POV’s, monsters, and endings, and storyboard scribbles from every play through. If only my high school coursework got that attention to detail…

I had a couple false-starts, even writing an adaptation diary (you can see here), but this year, I finally put the story I’ve been stewing on for 13 years to the page.

When James Sunderland receives an unexpected letter from his long lost wife, he sets off to find her in “their special place,” on a trip that quickly turns into a waking nightmare of twisted monsters.

You can download and read (and review) the current draft here;